Health Care

Health Care

Functional Medicine is a new medical specialty, devoted to understanding the root causes of chronic illness and then using a personalized...


What is Functional medicine

Medical Cosmetics

Medical Cosmetics

If you are of a certain age, you may wish to look like you used to.You want to maintain the natural...


Turn Back the Clock

  • Dr Ping Wu, MD

    Dr Ping Wu, MD

    Anti-Aging Medicine, Hormone Balancing, Joint Regeneration

    Dr Ping Wu brings a co...

  • Dr Zuoxing Hong, MD

    Dr Zuoxing Hong, MD

    Neurology, Functional Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine

    Dr Hong has been activ...

  • Dr Mark Berman, MD

    Dr Mark Berman, MD

    Cosmetic Surgeon from Beverly Hills, former President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery,President of the WA International Cosmetic Center

    Dr Mark Berman has bee...

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About WA
Originating in 1990, WA Health Care of WA Regenerative Medicine Group brings together the world's leading medical doctors, professors and scientists in the fields of anti-aging medicine, functional medicine, regenerative medicine, and antiagingcosmetic medicine. The WA team of medical experts comes from China, USA, Switzerland and South Korea and are graduates and researchers of the world's leading academic institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Fudan and Cam bridge universities. The WA Regenerative Medicine Group includes the WA Hope Healthcare Foundationand the WA Acad emy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. WA Regenerative Medicine Group is based in USA, China and Hong Kong.
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